Just DAO It! is a podcast for people starting DAOs. Are you thinking about starting a DAO? Just DAO It! Every episode will cover recent DAO news, tweets, and posts from around the web. We’ll break down what the news means for you and combine it with great advice from people who have started or contributed to successful DAOs.

Disclaimer: Just DAO It! is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Just DAO It does **not** contain any legal or financial advice. MIDAO also does not provide legal or financial advice, and nor does your host, yours truly.

Just DAO It! is hosted by Adam Miller, the founder of MIDAO, the company that provides legal entities for DAOs.

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Just DAO It! DAO News Report & Interview with Navin from Samudai

This week's guest: On this week’s Just DAO It!, we welcome on guest, Navin. Navin is the Co-Founder of Samudai, a DAO project management platform that enables collabor...

DAO News Report & Interview with Kohei and Paulo from Senate Labs

This week's guests: On this week’s Just DAO It!, we welcome on guests, Paulo and Kohei. Paulo and Kohei and the Co-Founders of Senate Labs, a DAO governance tool that ...

DAO News Report & Interview with MemeBrains

This Week's Guest: MemeBrains is the host of the CityDAO podcast that focuses on discussing the impact of DAOs on our Civilization as a whole. MemeBrains is a seasoned...

DAO News Report & Interview with Humpty Calderon

This Week's Guest: Humpty Calderon is the Co-founder and CEO of Mosaic, an open data platform helping brands better understand customer activity and reward loyalty. He...

DAO News Report & Interview with Daniel Ospina

This week's guest:Daniel Ospina is the founder of RnDAO, an innovation DAO with a mission to Empower Humane Collaboration by researching DAOs and building collaboratio...

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