Just DAO It! DAO News & Interview with Pablo from Moon DAO

This week's guest:
On this week’s Just DAO It!, we welcome on guest, Pablo Moncada-Larrotiz. Pablo is the founder of MoonDAO. In 2022, MoonDAO crowdfunded to send its members to space and successfully purchased two seats on a Blue Origin rocket. Now, the DAO is focused on funding research and exploration that accelerates the technological development of the first human settlement on the Moon. Previously, he was a core member of ConstitutionDAO, a software engineer at Google working on autonomous vehicles and virtual reality.

Hamas Has Raised Millions in Crypto Donations

@CryptoAidIsrael on Twitter: "Thousands of Israeli lives have been destroyed by Hamas 💔. Israel WILL prevail 💪, but we need your help! Send your crypto to help the victims who need it most. Crypto unites with Israel 🇮🇱. https://cryptoaidisrael.com #CryptoAidIsrael"

@IDriss_xyz on Twitter: "Announcing meta-infinite public goods funding round powered by @optimismFND 🌱✨. We're consolidating all the major PGF mechanisms @gitcoin, @giveth, @clrfund, @dao_drops, @retropgf, and enabling perpetual donations to grantees directly from Twitter. Model adapted from @owocki."

Just DAO It! DAO News & Interview with Pablo from Moon DAO
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